What size unit?

We appreciate that boxes, furniture items and office equipment come in different shapes and sizes so we’ve put together some 3D room visuals for our most popular unit sizes. We’ve also created this simple chart to give you an understanding of the average space that each unit equates to.

If you’re still confused, pick up the phone to our expert team and they’ll be happy to make recommendations based on your specific needs.

Unit size Contents guide
10 Sq. Ft Contents of a telephone box
20 Sq. Ft Small van load
30 Sq. Ft Small garden shed
35 Sq. Ft Contents of studio flat
50 Sq. Ft Small one bed flat
60 Sq. Ft Large one bed flat
70 Sq. Ft Luton size van load
75 Sq. Ft Contents of two bed house/flat
100 Sq. Ft Two transit vans. Average three bed house
125 Sq. Ft Contents of a large garage/large three bed house
150 Sq. Ft Contents of 3 transit vans
175 Sq. Ft Contents of four bed house
200 Sq. Ft Contents of a double garage
250 Sq. Ft Large four or five bed house
300 Sq. Ft Three single garages