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Research by energy firm EON in 2015 revealed that moving house is one of the most stressful life events; more so than divorce. That’s a statistic that nobody wants to hear, especially since most of us will move house at least a couple of times during our life span. If it’s doomed to be stressful no matter what, then there’s no harm in taking a light-hearted approach in reminding yourself how not to do it and we’ve scoured the internet for the very best (or worst) examples.

Perhaps it won’t be so bad after all.

sofa fail

Furniture Self Storage – Take Measurements, Not Prisoners

Well this didn’t go to plan, did it? What we’re dying to know is how did the sofa make it in the property in the first place? Was it spawned there? Either way, if you’re not sure if something is going to comfortably fit down a stair well without become firmly wedged, we cannot recommend enough you measure. Several times to be safe, and if there is no way the sofa is fitting down those steps, consider it may come apart – again it’s best to check these things before you start the whole process.

Dropping a sofa

Sofa Self Storage – Be Aware of Self Injury

So your sofa might not fit down the stairs but shortcuts aren’t the next best option. This is a trip to A&E waiting to happen. In fact, we wonder if these guys ever recovered from having a sofa dropped on them. It probably goes without saying that you should’t lift anything you can’t manage comfortably and make sure you lift things properly (we don’t mean to lecture on back injuries but have you ever put your back out trying to deadlift a coffee table? It hurts). Don’t be these guys; be safe.

Fragile Box

Boxes and Budget Self Storage for Students and Personal

We hope whatever is in here isn’t too fragile, because its chances of survival look slim. Flimsy looking boxes probably aren’t the prime choice for your most fragile items; even the best-intentioned moving efforts can go awry and accidents will happen. Double walled boxes are your best bet, or if you’re super flash you might even opt for plastic crates or boxes with proper lids. If you don’t have anywhere to store them afterwards, we happen to know a great place for self storage.

moving van fail

Professionals Self Storage Staff Are There For A Reason

You just know what the fatal sentence behind this picture was. “Paul from the pub can get a van we don’t need to get a fancy removal team”. No, you don’t need to, but there are some things that are just best left to the people who know what they’re doing. For a start, they’re almost guaranteed to have a proper door on their van. One that won’t crumple when a pothole appears from nowhere (extremely likely on UK roads).

Students Long and Short Term Hire

Forget Pets At Your Peril

It’s all very well being over-prepared and having polystyrene packing balls to protect your finest china, but if you forgot to shut your cat out of the room then you forget the most fundamental rule about cats. They like boxes; and if they swan dive into a box of packaging material it might just end with you spending valuable packing time chasing an angry cat covered in tiny plastic balls. Worse, you could have a dog that eats them, ending up in an afternoon at the vets. Best be safe, find a boarding kennel.

Clearly we hope nobody ever has to go through any of the above because let’s be honest, who needs that level of hassle? Not only do we ease the pain of storage with a range of bespoke units, we also sell packaging materials. Just pop in and we can have a chat.

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