1. Choose your SMC self-storage unit

Take a look at our Space Estimator to get a gauge of how much storage space you need or speak to our experts via live chat or by calling 01480 455261 or 01480 454083. Alternatively, come and see us at 16 St Margarets Way, Huntingdon PE29 6DG and judge the space for yourself.

2. Receive a quote within 24hrs

Once you know the unit size that you need, give us a call or pop us an email and we’ll provide you with a quote and confirm availability within 24 hours.

3. Book your SMC self-storage unit

To accept the quote and confirm your storage space call us to finalise your booking and then subject to availability and identification, your unit will be available immediately.

4. Getting your furniture and possessions to your SMC storage unit

Once your booking is confirmed we’ll provide you with your exclusive access details to SMC Storage and you’ll be able to deliver your personal or business possessions 7 days a week.  You can use your own vehicle or a hired vehicle or contact us for details of our local recommended suppliers.

5. Pack your SMC storage unit effectively

We understand how important it is to maximise the space in your self-storage unit and minimise the hassle.  We’ve got a few top tips to ensure that your storage space brings joy to your life and not a headache.

  • Plan ahead – Label your boxes clearly, keep a list of everything that you’re storing and put your frequently used items near the front of the unit
  • Use shelving  – In the same way that you’d organise your garage, metal shelving is a great way to organise your stuff and to maximise use of the head space
  • Use the outer wall space first – Store along the outer walls first so you can easily see and access everything
  • Where possible stand furniture on its end – Whether it’s a sofa, sideboard or even a bed frame you’ll use up less space standing it on its end
  • Stack the heaviest boxes at the bottom – To build a stable tower of boxes, start with the largest, heaviest boxes at the bottom and build upwards
  • Protect your furniture – Make sure that your furniture and possessions are suitably wrapped to keep them clean, dust free and safe from potential knocks during transit and storage
  • Packaging shop – Package materials are available to buy from our on-site shop

Contact us to discuss your storage solution.